2 Important Things to Remember as a Female Aviation Student

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Whether it is your deep love of flying or your interest in all things relative to flight and flying equipment that draws you to it, aviation school can definitely help you achieve new career goals and get where you want to be. Even though there is just as much room in the flight industry for females as there are for men, stepping into aviation school for the first time should definitely come along with a few pointers for you as a female. Take a look at a few of the things you should remember as a female entering aviation school for the first time. 

You will probably be among the minority, but that is perfectly okay. 

In the airline industry on a global level, women pilots only make up about three percent of all pilots. Therefore, when you first enter aviation school, you may find that there are more men than women in your class groups, specifically if your interest in aviation is around piloting and not another form of aviation training, such as airline stewardship or aircraft mechanics. While there have been great efforts to balance out the aviation industry with just as many women as men, there are still more men who show interest in this form of career path.  

Great strides are taken in aviation schools to ensure women feel comfortable with their enrollment. You will come across several female instructors in a lot of aviation schools, which is an effort to ensure females entering the courses feel just as confident and comfortable in their training as everyone else enrolled. 

As a female, you may have access to scholarships to help you along. 

Because of the efforts to attract more females to aviation training, there are several different scholarships for women who are interested in aviation training. Therefore, just being a female could actually be a good thing that gives you access to funding to help you pay for training. For example, the Women in Aviation International scholarship offers annual scholarships and they have awarded more than 10 million in funding over the last few decades. 

Taking the steps to get enrolled in aviation school could be one of the things you do that completely changes your future life plans. To find out more about what you should expect as a female student in aviation school, make sure you reach out to one of the schools near you for more information. 


23 August 2017

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