Four Ways Hosting A Foreign Exchange Student Will Benefit Your Family

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Hosting a foreign exchange student is often seen as something you do to benefit that student, but in fact, this experience can be a great one for your family, too. If you've been presented with an opportunity to have an exchange student stay in your home, whether for a week or for an entire year, here are some benefits you can look forward to if you say "yes":

Learning a foreign language.

Knowing a foreign language can make it easier to travel, connect with others, and find a job. Learning a new language with text books and other conventional means is tough, but when you have your own native-speaking conversational partner, it becomes a lot easier. If you welcome an exchange student who speaks a foreign language, you and your family members will have a great opportunity to learn a foreign language -- or if you already speak a foreign language, hone your skills.

Expand your world view.

In such a diverse country, it is so important to be open to others' opinions and ways to view the world. Living with a foreign exchange student will allow you to get to know someone who is quite different from you, which will open up your view of people and the world, forging the way for more interesting friendships and experiences going forward.

See your own lifestyle in a new light.

When you host a foreign exchange student, you will find that you need to explain to this student how you do certain things and why you do them that way. In explaining these things, you'll gain a better perspective on the way you live. You may realize that certain habits you have are not serving you as well as they should -- or that you want to make some changes in your own life after all.

An opportunity to travel in the future.

While every exchange program is different, it is common for exchange programs to provide host families with avenues to visit their previous "students" in their own country later on. For example, if you host someone from Ecuador this year, the program may be able to help you set up and afford a trip to Ecuador two years later to visit that student. This can be a great way to see more of the world and form relationships with those all over the globe.

Hosting a foreign exchange student is a special opportunity that will continue to benefit you for many years. Contact a company like Adventure Home Stays for more information and assistance. 


24 August 2017

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